We are Cambodian owned company which based in Phnom Penh. We are the local leading tour operator that have been in field for more than 7 years by MR. SAL. After years being the freelance dirt bike leader, he has noticed that Cambodia is the best place for dirt bike adventure that led to full day trip up 10 days can be organized in whole country for beautiful adventure, where you will surely enjoy with the local, scenery, food, accommodation, and trial. We will bring your dream tour into reality as it is only way to see our rural country side that other vehicles can’t do. 




We want to create the trip of the life time that match your travel plan. Cambodia is a hub of dirt bike adventure with rich culture, friendly people, good food, stunning scenery….enjoy the quality tour at your own choice.

Dirt biking tour with Cambodiaoffroad is one of the most unforgettable activities that the dirt bike lovers should not ever miss. You will experience brand new feelings toward those amazing activities throughout the ancient city of Cambodia.

To begin with, the riders will uncover varieties of off-road terrains ranging from basic to advance as your preference. Along the trail paths, you will be astonished by not only the view from the villages, tropical jungle in the national park, and the life style of the people dwelling in small and big groups, accordingly. And of course, the view of the sunset accompanying the riders after the long ride to complete your trip.

In addition, enjoy the unique Khmer food which are very reasonable price and a-never-forget taste of the traditional and eye catching Khmer cuisine that you will never ever get enough of. Grilled Chicken with various tasty sources with Rice Berry, Fish Amok, and Mixture of veggie soup are our top dishes that they are a lot of going on in those plates such as aromatic spices, herbs, organic, and fresh local products; which give you the first glimpse of our marvelous culture.   

Last but not least, the cultural and historical landscapes of hundreds of temples are waiting for the riders to enjoy along the way from time to time that they will be passing by. Like the old saying said, you will not be in Cambodia if you have not been to Angkor Wat, and yes you will visit our great wonder temple as well. Alongside with fresh air, and spectacular views, the riders will never ever want the journey to end in just one day or a few.

Do not wait until it is too late, and do not hear or watch until you witness and experience those activities by yourselves. We cannot wait to see you all joining us to get the once in a lifetime experience you are about to earn yourself a great long holiday with our dirt bike monster.