Cambodia Hill Tribe Enduro 10 days


The best dirt bike tour in Asia which start your ride from Siem Reap to Phnom to experience the ultimate in off road dirt biking! Through deep jungles, rivers, mountain trails you get to see the most remote trails and villages where hill tribe people have never seen the modern world.

This tour will take you from Siem Reap staying in Preah Khan, Stung Treng, Siam Pang, Banlung, Mondolkiri, Snoul and a Great ride along the Mekong finishing in Phnom Pehn, also can be done in the opposite direction. This tour can also be done as a loop back to Siem Reap.

Day 1 : SIEM REAP – ANLONG VENG                                              

Awesome single track leading out of Siem Reap into the surrounding forests. We will then make our way to Anlong Veng through dense forest, sandy trails and river crossings. We will arrive in the ex Khmer rouge stronghold of Anlong Veng, where you can see how Pol Pot’s army were driven back to into Thailand. Staying in a hotel with aircon and hot water.

Distance: 130km

Day 3 : ANLONG VENG – KOH KER                                             

Today we will ride on the old ancient trail, which connect capital to capital on single jungle track. We will leave the former capital behind on rough and sandy track to  Tra Pang Prasat. It might take more time to get there during rainy season, as the trails are slippery. Spend some time for sightseeing tour before the last minute decision whether to have lunch here or head on. We will then go to explore the hidden temple Koh Ker for our water stop before make your last distance ride to guesthouse.

Distance: 100km

Day 4 : KOH KER – PREH VEHEA                                               

After Breakfast we will ride up the mountain to see Pol Pot’s Grave, where there are some great views over the town. If there is time we can go & see Pol Pot’s house. A fun ride through the forest. We will then follow the Dangrek mountains to the mountaintop temple of Preah Vihear on the Thai Border. Spectacular Views from the top. Then back into town.

Distance: 110km

Day 5 : PREH VIHEAR – KAMPONG SLALAO                                 

In the morning we can ride up the mountain to see Preah Vihear temple. It is only tarmac, but it is still a fun ride up. Today we will be mainly riding red dirt roads as we head east towards Stung Treng Province and then up near the Laos border, where we will stop for the night. You have the choice to camp or stay in a local Guesthouse with great views. We will be close to the Lao border and the Preah Rumkel Waterfall and rapids.

Distance: 120km

Day 6 : KAMPONG SRALAO FREE DAY                                       

Today is our own leisure on our own adventure! Opt! Take the rowboat to swim at Mekong River.

Day 7 : KAMPONG SRALAO – RATANAKIRI                                   

After a 30 minute longboat trip crossing the Mekong River, we will start the ride on about about 100km of graded dirt roads after which it will be about 70km of single track through the jungle. Conditions will be sandy with muddy sections if it has been raining. It will be another long day of riding, with a bit more red dirt into Ban Long. We will be staying in a pleasant hilltop resort with great views. We are very close to the volcanic crater lake of Yeak Loum, which is a beautiful area with crystal clear waters which are great for swimming.

Distance: 145km

Day 8 : RATANAKIRI – MODULKIRI                                            

This route used to be known as ‘The Death Highway’, and depending on conditions can be very challenging. However a lot of the old trail has been tarmacked so riding the highway is unavoidable in some spots. There are however enough awesome trails, lots of sand [or mud depending when you go] to keep you happy. A long day in the saddle will get you to Sen Monorom; capital of Mondulkiri Province. A cooler climate with lovely rolling hills lead to some great riding towards the end. Depending on the time of year will depend on the route we take as during the wet season some of the hills get so slippery it’s like riding on ice. There is the option to jump on the highway if the group deems necessary. Staying in a hotel with air-con and hot water.

Distance: 119km

Day 9 : MONDULKIRI – SNOUL                                                  

Today will be quite a challenging ride. The forest trail we’ll be riding is only around 50km, but there will be sand, maybe some mud, and rocky climbs and descents. Then it will be a short highway section to Snuol; our stop for the night. If we make good time there is also the option to head towards the Vietnamese border through rubber plantations.

Distance: 150km

Day 9 : SNOUL – KAMPONG CHAM                                                

More scenic today; small river crossings, rubber plantations, and single track through the forest will lead us back to The Mekong, which we’ll follow into Kampong Cham and civilization…sort of. Staying in a hotel with air-con & hot water.

Distance: 129km

Day 10 : KAMPONG CHAM – PHNOM PENH                                    

Today will be more easygoing, following the Mekong river back into Phnom Penh, where the tour finishes. If there is time we could go to the shooting range and you can try your luck with an AK-47 or an RPG [at extra cost of course] A nice way to end the trip is a sunset boat cruise in Phnom Penh on the Mekong river.

Distance: 120km

Tour cost in USD/person

What’s included?

KTM EXC or Yamaha WR250f, English speaking guide, fuel, temple pass, riding gear, 4 nights in basic homestay, transfer in/out, dinners, and first aid kit.

What’s not included? 

Lunch, breakfast, bike damage, tip, insurance, emergency transfer, hospital fee, drink at meals, support vehicle, and personal expend.

** End of our dirt bike’s Services! **

*** Tour ends and overnight at your own choice. (We can arrange the pre & post accommodation for you in Siem Reap with reasonable price)

! Surcharge may seriously apply for any damage after the trip.  


Where we stay?

We mix our accommodation between comfortable, clean guest houses and remote Village home stays. Staying in village home stays is a real experience however after a few days of riding you will be ready for a comfy bed, warm shower and a good nights sleep.

Where and what will we eat?

Cambodiaoffroad do not include food or drinks in our tour packages, the reason why we don’t know what and how much you will consume so its best you pay your way.

On single day tours you will have lunch at the local clean restaurants serving good Khmer food.

Multi day tour

On multi day tours things are a little different, we do where possible have lunch in a restaurant, however our tours are not like others and we spend most of the day on trails in extremely remote areas where restaurants are just not heard of, this does not stop our guides from organizing lunch in local villages which is a real experience!

Evenings are not a problem in the home stays we have good home cooked food and in the towns we know where to find the most delicious local specialties.

What back pack should I use?

The trick over here is to travel light. Its no fashion show out there so don’t worry about lots of changes of clothes bring with you only the necessitates. A hydro-backpack holding 2-3 liters of water is ideal or a small-medium sized rucksack than has room to carry bottled water.

What about land mines, malaria and safety?

It safe to ride thru the remote Cambodia as MAG cleared most mines from land and Most of the mines that remain are around the border areas and we are always informed by the local authority about the risk.

Cambodia off road have accessed mined area maps from CMAC and avoid all high risk areas.

There is a risk from Malaria in certain areas in Cambodia so don’t forget the mosquito spray and if you feel it necessary a course of malaria tablets.

In regards to civil unrest it has been many years since the Khmer Rouge occupied Cambodia and although we do travel through ares where many former Khmer Rouge soldiers and leaders settled it is completely safe. Also the conflict at the border with Thailand has also ended making the trip to Preah Veaher temple also safe.

Do you supply riding gear?

Cambodia off road includes all riding gear in the tour price. This makes it easy for those of you who had not planed to ride whilst on holiday. We include helmet, gloves, enduro boots, goggles, pads, trousers and shirt.

Many who come on longer planned tours prefer to bring there own gear, we recommend this as its far more comfortable in your own boots! We also do deals where you buy new gear that fits and after the tour we will buy it off you, this helps us on this end because it is not so easy to buy equipment over here.

What about money matters?

Cambodia runs on two currencies the American Dollar and the Cambodian Riel. You will not be able to get Riel in your own country so bring Dollars with you.

Before you go on tour change some of your dollars into Riel as we head into remote areas where US dollars are often not accepted.

We reckon that on average you need around $20-$30 a day for your food and drinks. Atm’s are available in the major towns but don’t rely on these on tour. We also request full payment before we leave on tour so be sure to bring it with you.

US dollars are accepted the whole Cambodia with small note!

Reviewed March 24, 2019 via mobile Trip of a lifetime

Trip was 5 star all round , great range of riding tracks , good bikes , great guide and mechanic, accommodation was good and the temple visits were sweet , certainly recommend this to anyone Thanks Lads for the great trip and hope to see you again for another adventure